Diveworks Charters

Deep Sea Grouper, Bass, Hapauka and Bluenose fishing, Whakatane, New Zealand

White Island Bluenose and Grouper fishing aboard Diveworks Charters

Deep sea Hapuka and Bluenose fishing, White Island, New Zealand White Island Hapuka fishing aboard Diveworks Charters Hapuka caught at White Island

Bluenose fishing at White Island aboard Diveworks Charters

Laid back, deepwater drifting near White Island

Deepsea fishing is a term generally used when we fish in water deeper than 100 meters and further than 12 Miles from the Inshore Coastline.
Join Diveworks fishingdownunder for a full days deep sea
fishing experience near the White Island Marine Volcano and The Volkner Rocks marine reserve. Areas renoun for great: Grouper, Bass,  Gemfish,  Bluenose and Hapuka fishing.

The fishing depth is around 270- 300 meters  (Feb-March) when the fish enter the shallows nice and fat and ready to spawn.
Diveworks is perfect for deep fishing with a sideways drift and plenty of room to spread out ideal for 6 anglers at a time, excellent knee braceing sides and ample toe space make for comfortable fishing (You can even sit down on the job if you like)
We recommend a maximum number of 6 persons for these trips which run from 0800 hours to 1600 hours but can depart and return earlier if you like (Conditions apply).
Our hire tackle is top of the line with Diawa VIP rods, Penn  level wind reels with 80- 130lb braid,
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