The Boat

Extremely quick, comfortable and quiet. Powered by a 6 cylinder turbo EFI Yamaha Diesel through a Hydra drive twin counter rotating prop leg - a two tonne payload can easily be carried at 20 knot cruise. Diveworks was designed and built by Phil. He wanted a concept with plenty of deck space, minimal unnessecary cabin and a boat which had speed as well as sea worthiness

Length 33 feet, 10.1 meters, Beam 12 1/2 feet, 3 metres.
Hull bottom 6mm aluminium plate, sides 5mm plate. 4 water tight bulkheads including a large "Collision bulkhead". Fully handrailed for Childsafe walkaround access.

Opting for an unpainted finish Hull and decks may detract from beauty, however as anglers or divers you need not worry about ever being "Growled at" for damaging valuable paintwork by dropping sinkers, weightbelts or divetanks against the boat. Likewise we are not fully carpeted or leather upholstered, so who cares about a bit of blood or scales getting trampled and splashed about.
On the other hand though Diveworks is not rough and features all the required amenities, including an easy to use toilet (a must for the Ladies)and a private area for resting or changing.

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